About Us


The Plant-Based Cities Movement is a grassroots initiative with groups of concerned people in a number of cities in Canada, and will be expanding across the world. Each city group will focus on increasing plant-based foods in municipal venues in cities and municipalities in response to the United Nations’ Code Red for Humanity, and will meet with elected officials to discuss how best to implement plant-based goals in their city hall; their cafeterias; and their events, conferences, and meetings.


To work with cities globally to increase plant-based food in municipal venues to address the climate crisis and respond to the United Nations’ Code Red for Humanity.


To accelerate cities towards climate friendly plant-based food systems

Karen Cecile Tribute

Karen Cecile, one of our founding members, was tragically taken away from us in December 2021. We were all in awe of her enthusiasm, work ethic, and brilliant ideas to create a more just plant-powered world. Karen believed that the Plant Based Cities Movement was a wonderful campaign, and was very excited to join our team and share the importance and message of the campaign.

Her kindness, calm demeanour, and thoughtfulness were a breath of fresh air. Karen really did set the bar high for the qualities that make a stellar activist. We were inspired by her and each one of us who was lucky enough to meet her, strategize and work with her is a better human and activist because of her generosity. 

Karen will be deeply missed, but we will continue to do all that we can to create the world that she dreamed of. Her spirit will surely guide us each and every day.